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Belly Dance

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Belly Dance
, the traditional dance form of Middle East is very popular throughout the world. This dance form is generally performed socially during festive occasions like weddings and other events. It has different forms like Raqs Sharqi and Raqsbaladi.

Abu Dhabi is famous for many tourist attractions and Belly Dance is one such main attraction for the visitors of Abu Dhabi Dunes.  It is exciting for people of all ages to watch this dance form and tourists can enjoy the belly dance performance in our desert safari camp.  This art can be a memorable experience for everybody who visits the incredible Abu Dhabi Dunes.

The belly Dance show in our desert safari camp gets started after the BBQ dinner as per the schedule. Those 20 to 30 minutes will certainly memorable for you.

Different forms of Belly Dance

Two popular forms of belly dance in Abu Dhabi are Raqs sharqi and Raqs baladi.  The former one is a solo dance almost similar to the cabarets in the restaurants which is familiar to westerns while the latter is more of a folkloric style performed by men and women of all ages socially especially for festive occasions.

Belly dance – An overview

Belly dance has a long history in the Middle East even though the exact origin of this dance form is debated actively.  The dance has different regional styles in terms of dance style and costume. In Abu Dhabi, it has two different contexts. Here it performed as a social dance or folk dance and as a performance art.

Social context

Belly dance is performed at social gatherings or celebrations by common people who are not professional dancers. They do not use any special costume for dancing on such occasions but dance in their normal outfits.  People of both sexes irrespective of their ages perform belly dance in this context including children. Some societies are more conservative and social gatherings can be gender segregated, then men may perform in their single sex social gatherings. Apart from belly dance, there are other forms of social dance forms in some of the Gulf countries.

As a performance

The second version is usually performed on stage by professionals wearing special dance costumes. It is of course, a polished version of the former one but more spectacular.  In this version, dancers use more space of the stage and give stress on stagecraft. They appear in special costumes that can provide best effects to show off their elegant movements.

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