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Liwa Desert Safari

Liwa Desert Safari is an amazing trip through Liwa, the largest oasis in Abu Dhabi which is located on the outskirts of Rub Al Khali, also known as The Empty Quarter, which is the largest sand desert in the world. It is the best choice for an amazing experience amidst the rolling sands of Liwa desert. Liwa desert safari will provide you with the amazing dune bashing experience in a four wheeler. You also have an opportunity to discover saddle rock, ... Read more

Overnight Liwa Desert Safari

Overnight Liwa Desert Safari is a journey to explore the desert area of Liwa, which is situated in the entrance of Rub Al Khali or the Empty Quarter, during night. A desert safari is the best way to enjoy and appreciate the vastness and beauty of the Liwa area. A delightful experience is waiting just for you with the rolling sand dunes of the untouched desert in the Arabian Peninsula. The Liwa area is located on the outskirts of Rub ak Khali ... Read more

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is an adventurous safari that takes you to the depths of the mysterious desert in the day time and to the fun filled entertainment that is in store for you in the night. If you want to experience the thrill of a desert safari, then you have to come to Abu Dhabi.  Travel around the vast expanse of the desert on the back of a camel.  Enjoy the magical sunset from the highest dune ... Read more