Abu Dhabi and its unique culture

Know Abu Dhabi And Its Unique Culture
Abu Dhabi is a vibrant and amazing city where you can learn something exciting and new each day.

Abu Dhabi is a vibrant and amazing city where you can learn something exciting and new each day. There are many things that people love to know about Abu Dhabi and its unique culture. Here are some of the most common things related to the Emiratis of Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy daytime party at Al Maya Island & Resorts
If you are above 21 year old, you can visit the Al Maya Island & Resorts to enjoy its daytime party outside Ramadan every Friday. Spend Dhs100 to access the island by boat and entry fee.

Grazing gazelles Al Samaliyah Abu Dhabi landscaped garden
There are many beautiful gardens, sandy coloured villas and free roaming gazelles at the Al Samaliyah Island. The beautiful island has been designed exclusively for Emirati school children for overnight camping journeys.

Fascinating Islamic Art
You can see amazing collection of Islamic artworks from Syria, Iran, Egypt, Iraq and India at the Imtiyaz Beigh.

Hobbit-style homes at Nurai Island
It is an outstanding residential resort located at Nurai Island which around 1km north of Saadiyat Island. These are waterfront luxurious villas worth millions.

The split-level park in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi made a two-and-a-half year design plan to transform 12.5 hectare space located opposite Hilton Capital Grand for a large split level park. The project will start in early 2015 on Al Fayah Park which will be scheduled to open in 2017.

Camel is served at an Emirati wedding
It can be the biggest single food item in the traditional Bedouin menu which is prepared by removing the inside parts of the camel and stuff it with lambs or sheep.

Know more about the UAE’s first president
You can get a deep idea about the first UAE president, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan by visiting the Zayed Heritage Centre located in an Emirati heritage village.

Plans for Lulu Island Abu Dhabi
This manmade 400- hectare space opposite Corniche will be used for tourism, recreation and commemoration purposes.

Salty Arabian Gulf
The evaporation is very high in Arabian Gulf due t its dry winds, shallow depth and high temperature. Through the Strait of Hormuz, salt water enters in the Arabian Gulf and gradually it becomes concentrated and more salty.

Dangerous creatures threatening to swimmers
Even if there are several species of sharks in Arabian Gulf, most of them are non-threatening. The stinging tentacles of jelly fish can be dangerous for swimmers.

Abu Dhabi Mosques lit up green
Mosques are illuminated so that it can be spotted easily by low-flying aircraft and as a representation of Islam, it is lit up green.

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