Abu Dhabi Boat Cruise

Book the most popular Cruises & Water Tours in Abu Dhabi. Book Abu Dhabi Boat Cruise with Local Experts at the Lowest Prices, Flexible Cancellation and Local Expertise. Abu Dhabi Boat Cruise is a fun filled thrilling ride on a high speed boat through the seas of the widely spread Abu Dhabi coastline with your family and friends. The thrill and excitement of a high speed boating cannot be described in words. This boat ride will showcase the thrilling face of Abu Dhabi with sudden twists and turns which is an adrenaline pumping activity.

Don’t miss the fun and thrill of ride on the hi-speed boat through the Abu Dhabi coastline. With the sudden twists and turns that pumps adrenaline this boat will showcase the thrilling side of Abu Dhabi. All you need to do is hold tight and feel the wind beating you while you shoot across the sea. This trip will demonstrate to you what yellow boats can show you under the able hands of a skipper. To shoot across the open water at high speed making lots of twists and turns will increase your adrenaline level.

Yellow Boats are a category of boats with top-of-the-line rigid inflatable crafts powered by latest generation ecofriendly manufactured according to exact specifications and has the capacity to reach buzzing speeds. During the tour this boats will be manned by qualified and experienced crews. Moreover each boat is fitted with latest GPS navigation and safety equipment giving you a ride that is safe and smooth.


  • Life Vests or jackets
  • Bottles of Water.
  • Does not include transportation to the starting point
  • Admission not given for children below 12 years. Terms and conditions apply.

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