Abu Dhabi Camel Racing

Abu Dhabi Camel Racing is an important sports activity which reflects the rich culture and tradition of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates. It is an integral part of the life of Abu Dhabi. Camel racing thus becomes an important competitive sports item in the country. This grand sport which is also traditional attracts everyone ranging from members of the royal family to local and foreign visitors. Long before the days when petroleum wealth brought malls, tower blocks and other symbols of modernization to Abu Dhabi, for an average the ownership of camel was something great. As a result of modernity, camel which survived harsh climatic factors of the desert is not a necessity now, but natives are attached to these animals emotionally and they still try to own it.

Abu Dhabi camel racing happens during the winter season on Thursdays and Friday mornings at specially designed racetracks. Winner of the race is presented with grand prize money. This makes the competition most sought after, competitive and exciting. The overall atmosphere is stirring; the racetrack is viewed with lot of excitement. Tourists and visitors must not miss the thrill surrounding it. They should not miss the opportunity to witness such competition that can be rarely seen. Visitors can view the jockeys mounting on the camel as they speed through the sand dunes, while the proud owners driving the vehicle besides the camel and jockey. Some of the important racetracks are Al Wathba Racetrack. It hosts camel festival along with camel racing. Al Ain Racetrack is another famous racetrack and can be reached by travelling 25 km from the popular tourist destination Al Ain. The entry to these racecourses is free of cost.

Abu Dhabi camel racing plays an important role in the social life of Abu Dhabi. It attracts many tourists thereby helping the tourist industry of the country to flourish. Moreover camel racing enables the tourists to view a sport that is ancient and cannot be found anywhere else. Visitors planning to visit a camel racetrack should start early. Usually the first race starts at 6: 30 am, so be early and get the best location to view. Don’t forget to pack some sandwiches, because other than races nothing is there like stalls, shops etc. for refreshment.

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