Abu Dhabi Desert Survival Guide

Deserts hold an unfortunate reputation for many travellers because of no water, hazardous reptiles, freezing nights and scorching days.

Deserts hold an unfortunate reputation for many travelers because of no water, hazardous reptiles, freezing nights and scorching days. However, you can make it an excellent playground if you take care of a few things. These are the 10 Abu Dhabi Desert survival Guide lessons that would be helpful if you get struck in a desert while enjoying thrilling activities.

Lesson 1: Things to consider before you go

  • Check climate
  • Charge your mobile phones
  • Avoid the use of aircon for acclimatizing
  • Tell about your route and the expected time to come back to someone

Lesson 2: Items to pack

  • Maps or compass
  • Lighter or matches
  • Binoculars and a whistle
  • A mirror
  • Torch with new batteries
  • Blankets and sleeping bag
  • A dust mask and a sun cream of 50spf
  • First aid kit
  • Sufficient water and water purification tablets
  • Food items
  • Suitable clothes and accessories such as a bandana, sunhat and sunglasses

Lesson 3: Things to remember before driving

  • Fill the tank and take extra fuel
  • Carry spare tyre and tools
  • Take benefit of any shade given by your car if it breaks down
  • Do not spin the tyres of your vehicle if it gets struck in sand but deflate them partially

Lesson 4: Dehydration and other dangers in deserts

  • Avoid over exposure to sun during daytime and cold during nights. Avoid the situations that might lead to dehydration while you are in deserts.
  • Beware of deadly reptiles and wear shoes to avoid bites and stings

Lesson 5: Remember to stay hydrated

  • Dig holes of 60x60cm and place vessels in them and cover with a plastic bag and put a pebble in the middle of it to get water from desert.

Lesson 6: Make a shelter

  • If you need to spend a few days in a desert, it is important to make a shelter as it is important save yourself from ground heat.

Lesson 7: Making fire

  • You will find the situation of making fire several times while you are in a desert, but choose the right spot for that preferably dig a hole. You can create fire by using the mirror and twigs.

Lesson 8: Keep calm and stress-free mind

  • Keep a calm and peaceful mind and avoid stress, fear, frustration and anxiety and keep realistic expectations.

Lesson 9: Try to get rescue

  • If someone is nearby give signals like create smoke by burning the spare tyre or blast the horn of the vehicle.

Lesson 10: Think and act cleverly

  • Mark your way and direction of travel using rubbish or camel bones
  • Leave messages
  • Take note of landmarks for keeping you in track while travelling
  • Use compass to know direction
  • You can also get the direction by seeing the ripples in the sand and act accordingly
  • Take enough rest

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