Abu Dhabi Falcon Tour

Abu Dhabi Falcon Tour

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the world’s first and largest hospital dedicated to the Falcon, the UAE’s national bird.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Tour is a trip to the Abu Dhabi falcon Hospital, (ADFH) which is the largest and one of a kind falcon hospital in the whole world. Your visit to Abu Dhabi will not be complete without a falcon tour. Falcons are the favorite avian species of the Arab people. Your trip to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital with your family will be meaningful and exciting. Abu Dhabi Falcon Tour is a unique opportunity to learn the history of falconry and understand the life of falcons in modern times. It gives you opportunity to hold a falcon in your hand and visit a free-flight aviary to see them fly through sky. It is located close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Abu Dhabi Falcon hospital is the world’s largest and the most modern falcon hospital. The highlight of the hospital is a falcon display museum and also facility with free-flying falcons.

Guided tours available to these award-winning specialist hospital. Here you catch glimpse of the luxurious wards where birds are kept. You could also explore the museum which give you lot of information about the noble desert sport of falconry. In the falconry museum you could learn the traditional heritage of falconry and explore falconry tools and equipment’s.

In the examination room you would come across the precious birds that are undergoing feather repair and pedicure. You will be astonished by the hard work that goes into nursing falcons. From its inception in 1999 it has taken care of more than 42,000 falcons. When you come to the hospitals large free-flight aviary you would witness falcon flying free. The important attraction of this tour is the unique opportunities to have the falcons sit on your arm in the backdrop of the fantastic hospital garden. You can get a souvenir photograph of once in a lifetime experience.

Highlights of Abu Dhabi Falcon Tour

  • Visit Abu Dhabi’s falcon hospital and falcon museum
  • Watch a falcon getting pedicure
  • Watch falcons flying majestically in a free-flight aviary
  • Get yourself photographed with a falcon in the arm as a souvenirGet yourself photographed with a falcon in the arm as a souvenir

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