Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival

Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival is a gathering of International and national film and environment fraternity pril in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is held under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamdan al Nahyan and it is organized by Media Lab and Informal exhibitions. Many world organizations including UNEP, IFAW, IUCN, ASIFA, EAD and WFSJ will support it.

The main focus of this premium event is to create awareness among people regarding the environmental problems that the region, i.e. Middle East experiences and to support the film fraternity who covers the environment sector. The idea behind this first ever environmental film festival arise from the feeling of a sense of responsibility towards nature. The festival will boost up the Arabic Environmental film industry. The presence of international guests, press and media, admirable members of the scientific community and the audience of high acclaim will provide the best platform for your brand visibility. It is the best opportunity for enhancing the presence of your brand and to take it to the topmost position and make its presence felt in the MENA region.

Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival will be hosted by Grand Millennium Hotel, a member of the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels Group Worldwide. This is the first edition of the event that is to be held in April. So expectations regarding the event are sailing high up in the air. A series of events are organized in association with the Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival. An international exhibition will be held during the course of the event focusing on some of the prominent world class brands that manufacture the environment friendly products. There will be no specific venue for the exhibition. It will be scattered in the venue of the exhibition events.

An Art exhibition named as Nature’s Fury will be also organized in connection with the Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival. It is a nature art exhibition that includes a completion. It will be displaying a collection of art works of a group of artists, photographers and designers whose work gives us insight into the fury of nature.