Abu Dhabi Sunset Cruise

Abu Dhabi Sunset Cruise is a cruise along the coast of Abu Dhabi cutting across the clear turquoise waters in a dhow to watch the mesmerizing sunset of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi sunset cruise usually starts in the late afternoon. It is the perfect and golden opportunity to watch the nuances of lights changing in the sky above Abu Dhabi and the artificial lights surrounding the city. During the trip, we take you out of the Marina to sale in the open waters. In case you are lucky enough you will witness dolphins will swim around you and may greet you as they play around you. This will surely be a unique experience. At dawn, the sail back to Abu Dhabi starts, cutting across the calm waters of the corniche to sail along the building between the shore and Lulu Island.

As the cruise begins the bustle of busy Abu Dhabi soon vanishes in the distance to become a part of the memory. The whole cruise is relaxing and gives a change from the routine life. It will surely refresh you and when you return to mainland you will be refreshed again. While in the sail you will be served with Lipton Tea, Nescafe, Canned Juices, Soft Drinks, Mineral Water and many more refreshments. As you have the snacks you could sit back in dhow bench and marvel and enjoy the romance of the Abu Dhabi Island. When the sun goes down you would see beautiful orange colors all around the sky.

When the sun sets in the horizon, the sky becomes magical with canvas of shades of colors like pink, purples , blue and orange giving you wonderful moments to enjoy. In your return journey you will be soothed with the gentle cool breeze that fondles you and rejuvenates you to new spirits. During the journey soft drinks and water are provided, and you are also permitted to bring your own food. If the travelers wish to swim, the operators are ready to anchor, don’t forget to bring your towel and clothes to change.

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