Abu Dhabi through landmarks

Know The City Of Abu Dhabi Through Landmarks
It is wise for visitors to know the city of Abu Dhabi through landmarks to make their journey easy and save time.

An address is a tool that helps people to find a particular location. Like many other places, the address system in Abu Dhabi is also chaotic because many roads in the city have more than one name. So, it is wise for visitors to know the city of Abu Dhabi through landmarks to make their journey easy and save time. If you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi, then it is wise to collect maps of the country. It helps you to find your location easily and reduce your journey time. You can collect maps free of cost from the tourist information center situated on the ground floor of the World Trade Centre souk on Hamdan Street.

For people who come to the city for the first time should get an idea about different roads and addresses of the city. Corniche Park is adjoining the western part of the island of Abu Dhabi that runs east to west. Lulu Island is the opposite of Corniche. If you are in front of the Lulu Island, then Marina Mall on the left which is on the Breakwater and beyond that located the Emirates Palace, one of the most expensive Abu Dhabi hotels. The well known industrial harbor Mina Port is on the right side where you can see several seafood and vegetarian restaurants. You can find a bridge there that leads to Saadiyat Island where you can see one of the best beaches in the country. In addition to pristine beaches, the island has many other attractions like Manarat Al Saadiyat gallery, a gold course, several luxurious hotels, stylish villas and apartments.

There is another bridge half way between Dubai and Abu Dhabi near to Abu Dhabi International Airport that links Saadiyat to Yas Island. Here you can find many elegant apartments and entertainment options. With the Abu Dhabi Island in front and the airport behind, you can see Khalifa City. There is a place on the mainland called Bain Al Jesrain back in the direction of the Island of Abu Dhabi where you can find many cheap villas. Here the Abu Dhabi Island separates from the mainland through a creek. Zayed Sports City is ahead if the creek is behind you. The exhibition center Adnec and Two Four 54 media zone are close to this sports venue. Al Wahda Mall can be a major landmark when Al Saada Street behind you.

The downtown area of Abu Dhabi is pedestrian-friendly where you can see many landmarks. The Galleria mall and the financial district on Al Maryah Island are across the water. Next to it you can see many luxurious flats and boutique malls. Al Qattara Arts Centre Abu Dhabi, the remarkable arts centre and gallery in Al Ain is transformed from the famous Al Qattara Fort now a popular attraction in Abu Dhabi. With a unique combination of traditional architecture with state-of-the-art facilities, it is a favourite art gallery for many people from across the world including art lovers. The aesthetically designed exterior facades of this art centre are truly captivating. If you are an artist or art lover, Al Qattara Arts Centre is the right place for you.

This historical fort has developed by ADACH as a venue where people can study, practice and develop arts and culture by the people of UAE. Located in the Oasis city of Al Ain, you can visit this popular tourist attraction from 9 am to 8pm on all days except Fridays. On Fridays, the Art Centre opens only from 4 pm to 8 pm. You can enjoy numerous modern exhibits at this fabulous art centre in the UAE capital. There is a dry studio at the Al Qattara Arts Centre where several activities are conducting including art crafting and music classes while the wet studio of the centre is for the purpose of painting and drawing. Aside, the Centre has a digital room for computer classes and photography. You will also love to visit the fully-equipped pottery studio of the Art Centre to enjoy different aspects of pottery.

In addition to all these facilities, Al Qattara Arts Centre also features a large calligraphy studio and an exhibition hall. The well known art centre also has a library people love to explore during their visit to the enchanting art centre. The cafe at the art centre is suitable for small refreshments while you are exploring the art centre. Apart from watching the exhibits of the art centre, Al Qattara Arts Centre is the right place for learning music and several other art forms. This popular Art Centre has classrooms where UAE community can study arts and culture. The tutorial sessions conducted by the art centre are helpful for people who love to know the rich history and art forms of the Emirates and for art lovers.

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the garden city of Al Ain is comparatively calm with its own culture. Many inhabitants of Abu Dhabi find it a suitable summer retreat because of the region’s milder climate. Al Qattara Arts Centre Abu Dhabi is a significant place in Al Ain that shares some of the cultural activities of the country. There is no doubt that exploring this superb Art Centre can be a mind-blowing experience.

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