Abu Dhabi Yacht Service

Abu Dhabi Yacht Service is one another attraction of Abu Dhabi Tour. Try cruising in Abu Dhabi Yacht along Abu Dhabi Corniche or go exploring the two hundred uninhabited islands off the coastline. This type of tour will be give you an idea of the geography and would be able to explore new vistas of Abu Dhabi which lies unexplored. You will get to know the taste of this traditional city which sits at the edge of a vast desert stretching to the Red Sea. Abu Dhabi is basically an island and has a long maritime history of pearl diving to fishing. Understand and appreciate the beauty of place as you have a light lunch or drinks onboard your yacht while enjoying the sunset.

The peak season for this service is during the months of November and March when the weather is good and there is no humidity and there is more number of sunshine hours. Invest your time in Abu Dhabi Yacht Service, when you like to have some great moments in Abu Dhabi tour. There is great fun while you sail around and some incredible views at sea are the prime attractions of the trip. It may be a family trip or a business trip.
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