Al Ain Oasis

Explore the history of Abu Dhabi on an 8-hour tour of the largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Ain Oasis is a picturesque oasis that is blessed with palm plantations located in the heart of the city of Al Ain A walk through the cool and shady lane of the oasis will provide solace to your soul away from the busy hectic life of the city. Most of the palm plantations in Al Ain is still in working condition. Al Ain Oasis is situated near the Al Ain National museum, Al Ain Palace Museum and Al Ain Sports club.

Al Ain oasis attracts tourists from all over the world through its alluring natural beauty. It has been preserved and its tourism potential has been developed to the maximum. A date palm oasis is drawing the attention of the backpackers and the natives alike. The oasis have eight entrances out of which some are decorated with arched gates. Al Ain Oasis is preserved in harmony with the Bedouin culture and tradition of the country. If you come to the Al Ain oasis you will be welcomed by ancient style houses that has been used as storage houses and accommodation for the farm workers, mosques that echo the Arab architecture, and restaurants that provide delicious Arab dishes, resting places and enchanting pathways.

Al Ain oasis is separated into numerous divisions for date farming and the date plantations are owned by Sheikhs and the natives. All the plantations make use of the Falaj irrigation which is an ancient irrigation system that can be dated back to the 1000 BC. The water for the irrigation system is used from the mountains that is 30 kilometers away. The best way to explore the mesmerizing beauty and serenity of the Al Ain oasis is on foot and not on vehicles. But the vehicles of tourists are allowed here. The oasis consists of a maze of intricate pathways and there are chances of one being lost, if he is not guided by anyone. Entry is free to the Al Ain oasis. It is open at day break and will close by 6.30pm in the evening. None is allowed to enter the oasis after sunset.

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