Al Maqtaa Fort Abu Dhabi

Al Maqtaa Fort Abu Dhabi is a 200-year old monument that shows the rich culture and history of the UAE capital.

Al Maqtaa Fort Abu Dhabi is a 200-year old monument that shows the rich culture and history of the UAE capital. It is an enigmatic attraction in the country which was once used to defend against the attack of bandits. There are many landmarks in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that showcase its rich heritage and culture and Al Maqtaa Fort is one among them. People love to explore the beautiful and majestic Fort during their visiting to the UAE capital. One can do plenty of things in Abu Dhabi as a hot tourist destination. The country features many palaces, forts and mosques with Arabic designs to visit. Exploring this beautiful fort is an excellent way to relive the rich history of the country. At the time of its construction, this Emirate was a little more than a trading port and a fishing village. Today, Abu Dhabi is transformed into a world-class modern metropolis.

Even if the country is among the most-advanced cities in the world, the authorities are keen to maintain the rich culture and tradition of Emirates. Just like its modern skyscrapers with contemporary designs, people love to explore the grand forts and monuments of the country. They love to take photographs in front of the magnificent Al Maqtaa Fort. If you are interested in the great history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates, then it is wise for you to plan your trip so that you can explore most of the prominent landmarks in the city. It is exciting to roam around one of the oldest monuments in the city which can be a great opportunity to revive the history.

Since it is not located on the mainland of the country, it may be little difficult to reach the beautiful fort. Situated at the mouth of the well known Khor al Maqta on a tiny rocky island, people love to watch the hidden beauty of the fort. Once you visit the majestic fort, you will get to know that Al Maqtaa Fort is an architectural gem of the country. When it comes to Abu Dhabi, you can find so many options for an outstanding vacation. It is a wonderful tourist destination with many things to watch and do. If you are a student or a person interested in the rich history of the country, then you will love to explore the majestic forts, palaces and monuments of the country. The beautiful Al Maqtaa Fort Abu Dhabi truly helps you to revive the past.

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