Abu Dhabi Desert Survival Guide

Deserts hold an unfortunate reputation for many travellers because of no water, hazardous reptiles, freezing nights and scorching days. Deserts hold an unfortunate reputation for many travelers because of no water, hazardous reptiles, freezing nights and scorching days. However, you can make it an excellent playground if you take care of a few things. These … Read more

Abu Dhabi Quad Bike Tour

Engage in this one of a kind thrilling evening desert safari tour with quad biking and other fun filled activities along with authentic Arabian customs. Abu Dhabi Quad Bike Tour is a journey through the meandering sands of Abu Dhabi in a quad bike, a vehicle that is specially designed for this sand sporting activity. … Read more

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

Qasr al Sarab is a luxurious resort that is situated in the midst of the magical Liwa desert and in the middle of Rub al Khali or Empty Quarter in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE. It gives you a feeling of a luxurious heaven that spring suddenly from the Arabian fairytale of ‘1001 Nights’. … Read more

Liwa Desert Safari

Experience the golden dunes of the legendary Rub Al Khali, the largest sand desert in the world during a private safari adventure. Liwa Desert Safari is an amazing trip through Liwa, the largest oasis in Abu Dhabi which is located on the outskirts of Rub Al Khali, also known as The Empty Quarter, which is … Read more

Desert Self Driving Abu Dhabi

A unique self-drive experience in the Desert of Abu Dhabi, a fully guided four wheel drive Adventure. The Adventure of thrilling 4 WD following a guided trail to explore the wonders of the Arabian Desert on this self-drive tour. Off-roading in the desert can be a great adventure. To make off-roading a thrilling experience, why … Read more

Desert Night Camping Private – Abu Dhabi

Spend a night with your friends or family in the desert in a unique way, away from the crowd or normal desert safari tourists, a complete exclusive night desert camping setup. You are the one going to fix the camping gears, you’re the one prepare the Live BBQ, You are the one treating your friends … Read more

Belly Dance

Belly Dance, the traditional dance form of Middle East is very popular throughout the world. This dance form is generally performed socially during festive occasions like weddings and other events. It has different forms like Raqs Sharqi and Raqsbaladi. Abu Dhabi is famous for many tourist attractions and Belly Dance is one such main attraction … Read more

Al Khatim Desert Abu Dhabi

Al Khatim Desert Safari location on Abu Dhabi to Al Ain highway road E22, its 80 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi down town, it is one of the famous and good location for the desert activities and 4×4 off road driving experiences. Al Khatim Abu Dhabi a magnificent desert location is calm quiet atmosphere with … Read more

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

The legendary UAE Desert Challenge, one of the world’s most prestigious international cross country rallies founded by Emirati Motorsport legend and ATCUAE President Mohammed Ben Sulayem back in 1991, and, over the years has seen many of the biggest names in international motorsport tackle the dunes of the UAE. Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is considered … Read more

Abu Dhabi Camel Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi Camel Desert Safari – Explore the desert by camel Safari. Abu Dhabi Camel Desert Safari is exploring the sites of interest in and around the city of Abu Dhabi, by riding on the back of a camel, the ship of the desert. It is a unique way to explore the deserts. Several tour … Read more