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Watching Wildlife in Abu Dhabi

If you are an adventure loving person and looking for some action packed holidays, then watching wildlife in Abu Dhabi can be a good option. There is no need to visit Africa or any other country to enjoy the wildlife, but your children will get some thrilling time if you visit some of the popular destinations in Abu Dhabi. Some of the best locations to enjoy wildlife are: Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre It is worth visiting the Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre if you ... Read more

Al Qattara Arts Centre Abu Dhabi

Al Qattara Arts Centre Abu Dhabi, the remarkable arts centre and gallery in Al Ain is transformed from the famous Al Qattara Fort now a popular attraction in Abu Dhabi. With a unique combination of traditional architecture with state-of-the-art facilities, it is a favourite art gallery for many people from across the world including art lovers.  The aesthetically designed exterior facades of this art centre are truly captivating. If you are an artist or art lover, Al Qattara Arts Centre is ... Read more

Archaeological Site on Sir Bani Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Archaeological Site on Sir Bani Yas Island is the only Christian archaeological site in the area where visitors get fascinated by the majesty of a 7th century Christian Monastery.  Today, it is among the notable attractions for the tourists who come to the gorgeous Sir Bani Yas Island. The remnants of the monastery were discovered initially during the excavation in the year 1992 on the stunning island. It is believed that the monastery have been constructed nearly 600 AD and visiting ... Read more

Miraj Islamic Centre Abu Dhabi

Located near to Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Miraj Islamic Centre is an excellent art centre in Abu Dhabi to watch outstanding and creative Islamic art forms. This popular art centre is under the management of an organization called CIE Group which is dedicated to the rich Islamic heritage, glory and its history. It is among the must-visit attractions in the country especially for people who adore the rich heritage of Emirates. Miraj Islamic Art Centre is not mere an art centre in the ... Read more

Hili Archaeological Garden Abu Dhabi

Hili Archaeological Garden is a popular landmark in the city of Abu Dhabi which offers the attraction of both an archaeological site and a public garden. Since this popular landmark of the country located near the oasis city of Al Ain, people who visit the area will get the advantage of understand the rich history and heritage of the city. This stunning garden is located on the road to Dubai around 10 km outside of Al Ain is a favourite of ... Read more

Muraijib Fort Abudhabi

Built in 1816, Muraijib Fort Abu Dhabi is one of the oldest forts in the garden city of Al Ain in Abu Dhabi surrounded by attractively landscaped gardens. The marvellous fort built by Sheikh Shakbut has three sections including a main fort, a watch tower and a small fort. Muraijib Fort is reserved exclusively for women and children. The narrow enchanting stairways are a notable feature of this fort. Located a few kilometres north of the Al Ain City Centre, Muraijib Fort is ... Read more

Al Reef Handicrafts Training Centre Abu Dhabi

Located at the well known Al Ain Sportplex, Al Reef Handicrafts Training Centre Abu Dhabi is a perfect place for people who love to learn traditional Emirati handicrafts. It is an educational centre where both tourists and residents can understand about the rich culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates through the training sessions conducted by specialized and experienced staffs. You can register no matter what your age is to attend the sessions held at this training centre. The sessions at the ... Read more

Heritage Theme Park Abu Dhabi

Visit the elegant Heritage Theme Park Abu Dhabi if you would like to experience the diversity and rich culture of the Emiratis. As you know the exceptional cultural grace is truly a valuable possession of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The country is famous as a popular tourist destination not only for its modern skyscrapers, but also for its outstanding history and rich culture and heritage.  Located at the large Al Ain Sportplex, the Heritage Theme Park has its ... Read more

Abu Dhabi Transportation

With world-class system for transportation, Abu Dhabi provides the best service for the natives as well as tourists to explore the city. Abu Dhabi Bus Rental Being an ultra-modern city, Abu Dhabi offers a lot to its visitors. For a fantastic tour through the sophisticated streets of the city, many people opt for bus tours. In fact, it can be a perfect idea to hire a bus if you visit the city with a group of many members. We provide different types of ... Read more

Abu Dhabi Jet Ski

Are you a water-sports enthusiast? Then Abu Dhabi is a right destination for you to enjoy your favorite sport. You will love to join the group of cool kids who are jetting along the stunning Corniche. Being one of the favorite pastimes of Emiratis, travelers who come to the incredible city of Abu Dhabi never forget to enjoy Abu Dhabi Jet Ski. Both the locals as well as the tourists love this adventurous and thrilling sport. If you crave for something exciting ... Read more
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