Cityscape Abu Dhabi

Cityscape Abu Dhabi is the prestigious real estate investment and development event of the region that is to be held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is the premium event for government authorities, prime investors, architects, consultants, designers and other real estate professionals to boost up and instill the growth of the real estate market in Abu Dhabi. The future of the master plans of Abu Dhabi and important developments are to be brought forward in the Cityscape Abu Dhabi. It is a crucial event for all the real estate professionals who wish to develop a strong hold in the real estate market of Abu Dhabi.

His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces is the patron of the City scape Abu Dhabi. About 25,000 real estate professionals from around the world will participate in the event. The real estate market is dynamic and always changing. Easily accessible and authentic information sharing is necessary for the development and growth of the real estate market in Abu Dhabi as well as in the whole world. Cityscape Abu Dhabi is the best platform in the whole world to meet the assemblage of a local, regional and international professionals in the field to share knowledge, information and ideas relating to the real estate field.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi has been hailed as the best platform to share the knowledge about the changing market of the real estate. It helps them to delve deep into the market dynamics and understand them. This rare opportunity is provided by Cityscape Abu Dhabi by allowing through its various sessions to interact with potential customers. The first cityscape event took place in Dubai in 2002. It was a huge success leading to further cityscape events in the major cities all round the world. Cityscape has developed into the largest real estate event across the globe. About 4,00,00,00 real estate professionals and investors from over 60 countries have used the platform of cityscape for their real estate gains since its launch.