Dalma Island Abu Dhabi

Dalma Island Abu Dhabi is said to have been inhabited for over 7000 years. It is one of the most important pearl diving centers and has strong links to maritime heritage. It’s about 42 km Northwest of Al Dhannah Mount in the sea, and about 210 km from Abu Dhabi. The area is about 33 km. Delma Island Abu Dhabi is recorded as the oldest known permanent settlement in UAE. The island is credited of having the region’s oldest date palm cultivation and also has evidence of date palm cultivation and Mesopotamian pottery and finely flaked stone tools. Having good supply of fresh water, the island has fertile soil that is conducive for cultivation in many farms and plantations which grow a variety of products.

Dalma Island Abu Dhabi is home to between four to five thousand people, both locals and expatriates, who take pride in their history and traditional values. Delma Island was once home to 200 fresh water wells, making it a popular hub in the past for water trading. It was also renowned for its thriving pearling trade, the history of which can be viewed today at the Dalma Island pearl museum. The island belongs to the Desert Islands of Abu Dhabi Emirate, a conglomerate of eight islands that include Sir Bani Yas and six smaller, uninhabited and environmentally protected islands. It is also a place of archaeological interest, and for this reason a private tourist operator is encouraging people to visit the tiny island.

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