Dubai City Tour From Abu Dhabi – From Abu Dhabi To Dubai

Sightseeing in Dubai from Abu Dhabi will be a marvelous experience that will remain as a golden moment in your memories forever. By means of this you are getting a rare chance to explore Dubai’s rich culture and the opulent ultra-modern cosmopolitan lifestyle. At the Dubai history museum, you will be given an excerpt of the lifestyle of Dubai before the discovery of oil. You can explore the highly acclaimed Gold Souk of Dubai and marvel at the variety of gold jewelry. Once in Dubai, you can visit the stunning Jumeirah mosque. You will be given hotel pick up and drop off to view the best of Dubai in just one day.

Enjoy the ever glittering city of Dubai and explore its rich history and culture. This stunning most famous destination in the Middle East is renowned for its grand opulence and splendor attracts scores of visitors from all over the world. People come here and wander through its souk and get enticed by its cosmopolitan culture. Visit the Bastakia area to view the traditional wind towers and old Fahidi Fort, which is today the Dubai History Museum. Moving across, pause at the famous Jumeirah Mosque, to click a snap, and marvel at the architectural landmark in Dubai. Explore Dubai’s history by visiting the 1787 AD Fahidi Fort that offers vivid depictions of life before the discovery of oil. It takes on a journey that lets you explore Dubai’s history and its cosmopolitan culture.

It all kick-starts, with the pick-up from your hotel in Abu Dhabi in an air-conditioned coach, that takes you on a tour to the cosmopolitan hub of Dubai. You will be accompanied by a guide (English or German speaking) on this tour. The much acclaimed Dubai is located 170 kilometers from Abu Dhabi and has emerged to become a global tourist destination. With its unique convergence of history and modern living entangle to create new heights of opulence. In this great tour of Dubai city we travel through the spice market, fruit and vegetable market.

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