Hatta Wadi Trekking

Hatta Wadi Trek is a beautiful journey that takes you to the old Hatta heritage village, which boasts of a history of about 200 years and which is a serene and peaceful village. It is the best place for those who wish to take a break from the daily routine and relax far from the madding city. The old Hatta village is located in the rough Al Hagar Mountains. It is an important opportunity to explore the ancient oasis of Hatta Fort and its Portuguese Fort. Here you can walk around and understand the marvelous ancient oasis of Hatta.

The trip to Hatta is meaningful as it takes you into the arresting Al Hagar Mountains that lies across the mountain passes and wadis with their rocky tracks and fresh water streams and crystal pools of Waddi Hatta where you can swim or paddle in pure water that is straight from nature and get refreshed with full of energy. You will be taken to the location in a 4 WD luxury (Toyota Land Cruiser) and the trip to Hatta Wadi will be interesting and you will enjoy the beauty throughout the way. The drive is through deep trenches where we could see millions of year old mountains of different array of colors. You will feel cool when your vehicle during the drive splashes through flowing waters of wadis which is the natural pool. During the journey it will give you chance for quick swim or paddle in these pools.

The visit also gives you opportunity to visit the 16th century fort and some agricultural farms. After these visits it is time for lunch, have your lunch and get ready for another interesting adventure. Next thrilling experience is the camel ride, a rare opportunity that you could only get in Arabia. Camel ride is something that you may have seen only in films, now you are going to experience the proud ship of the desert. On your way to Hatta, you can stop at any one of the Friday Markets where you can find local carpets, potteries and others. During the trip you will be rewarded by unexpected beauty consisting of lush landscapes, big and small wadis, and small settlements and villages deep in the mountains.

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