Heritage Theme Park Abu Dhabi

Heritage Theme Park Abu Dhabi if you would like to experience the diversity and rich culture of the Emiratis.

Visit the elegant Heritage Village Abu Dhabi if you would like to experience the diversity and rich culture of the Emiratis. As you know the exceptional cultural grace is truly a valuable possession of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The country is famous as a popular tourist destination not only for its modern skyscrapers, but also for its outstanding history and rich culture and heritage. Located at the large Al Ain Sportplex, the Heritage Theme Park has its own name in the region.

Visiting the spectacular Abu Dhabi Heritage VillageTheme Park is certainly a memorable experience for the visitors because of the captivating beauty of the place. You can experience a fine combination of Emirati culture and revitalizing air while visit the extensive Sportplex and its cultural village. The heritage-styled Heritage Theme Park takes you to enjoy an unforgettable journey into the rich history of Abu Dhabi. One of the great advantages of visiting the striking theme park is that it helps you to experience the tradition Emirati life. Even though Abu Dhabi has all the modern facilities and famous for skyscrapers, this country is firmly rooted in the Islamic tradition of Arabia. Travellers can experience the unique blend of local heritage and influences of western countries in this Emirate.

Many people from across the world love to enjoy the rich history and culture of Emirates and visiting the elegant Heritage Theme Park can be a wonderful option for that. This culture and heritage park includes a well known market, two remarkable theatres and an old cafe. These theatres are perfect for listening poetry or enjoy concerts or art shows. When you visit the garden city of Al Ain, you will realize that it is an incredible destination full of heritage and attracts people with its rich culture. It is among the list of World Heritage site named by UNESCO as the city is one of the ancient inhabited settlements in the world. It is wise to include Heritage Village during your trip to Abu Dhabi as the city has many things to explore.

You can visit the well known Heritage Village Theme Park in Abu Dhabi from Saturday to Thursday between 9.30 am to 1pm and 5 pm to 10 pm and on Fridays you can visit the park from 4 pm to 10.30 pm. As a traveller to Abu Dhabi, you can include Heritage Theme Park in your must-visit list. Visiting the elegant village will certainly help you to revive the rich history and heritage of the country.

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