Ladies’ Tuesday Night Party Clubs In Abu Dhabi

Tuesday Ladies’ Tuesday Night Party Clubs In Abu Dhabi
Are you a fan of clubbing? Then these night party clubs in Abu Dhabi are the best to visit on make your Tuesdays more vibrant and attractive.

Are you a fan of clubbing and love to dance to the tunes of the DJ? Then these Abu Dhabi nightclubs are the best to visit to make your Tuesdays more vibrant and attractive. Here are some of the best Tuesday ladies’ night hosting night party clubs in Abu Dhabi.

Jazz N Fizz Abu Dhabi
Even though there are many excellent clubs in Abu Dhabi that provide Tuesday ladies’ night, Jazz ’N Fizz is among the most preferred one. Ladies can enjoy free bubbles and mixed drinks from 8pm to 12 pm at this bar. Located on the Corniche, Jazz ’N Fizz is the benefit of ladies to enjoy a glamorous night out.

There are a good mix of people in Jazz’ N Fizz where ladies impress with particular dressing. Party lovers can enjoy outstanding table service at this bar. For this reason, most of the night birds love to book their table rather than standing around the bar. Ladies certainly can have some great time in Jazz’ N Fizz.

Club So Hi Abu Dhabi
You can enjoy ladies night on Fridays also in Club So-Hi in addition to their Tuesdays nights. Ladies get the chance to enjoy mixed drinks throughout the night here on Tuesdays while Club So-Hi serves bubbles on Fridays. It is the right place to enjoy tune after tune played by the resident DJ of this club to make your night out more enchanting. If you love to dance on your Tuesday nights, then there is no better place in Abu Dhabi than in Club So-Hi.

Ladies usually book their tables and booths in advance here in order to enjoy some privacy. Club So-Hi usually gets busy late in the evening and if you reach the venue little early, then it will be somewhat quiet.

Etoiles Abu Dhabi
Located in the Emirates Palace, Etoiles is another great nightclub in Abu Dhabi that offers excellent ladies night on Tuesdays. You will get an idea about the ladies night out in this nightclub if you walk through the elegant corridors of this hotel. This wonderful venue is always packed with the party lovers as they love to bounce to the tunes of the DJ. Ladies can enjoy bubbles at Etoiles free of cost.

You will love the high ceiling club that is pumping with the commercial remixed dance sound and the house music. You can enjoy your Tuesdays night out from 11.30pm to 4 am. Etoiles offers the busiest ladies night on Tuesdays in Abu Dhabi.

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