Mina Port Abu Dhabi

Mina Port is a commercial port that is located in the north east section of the Abu Dhabi city and it is owned by the Abu Dhabi Ports company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the greatest attractions for tourists as well as nationals. An authentic Arabian experience is provided by the Mina port.

The Carpet Souk
It is one of the less visited places in the Mina port since it is difficult to park the car here. The souk consist of about hundred stores that sell carpets, prayer rugs, upholsteries and cushion that are locally made. The shopkeepers in this area are at your service. They will display the best carpets for you to select. Once you decide on the one to buy, then you can bargain. You can buy the carpet at 1/3 of the owner’s original price. Enjoy the bargaining here.