Mina Port Abu Dhabi

Mina Port is a commercial port that is located in the north east section of the Abu Dhabi city and it is owned by the Abu Dhabi Ports company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the greatest attractions for tourists as well as nationals. An authentic Arabian experience is provided by the Mina port.

The Carpet Souk
It is one of the less visited places in the Mina port since it is difficult to park the car here. The souk consist of about hundred stores that sell carpets, prayer rugs, upholsteries and cushion that are locally made. The shopkeepers in this area are at your service. They will display the best carpets for you to select. Once you decide on the one to buy, then you can bargain. You can buy the carpet at 1/3 of the owner’s original price. Enjoy the bargaining here.

Vegetables and Fruit Market
It is located on the right hand of the 20th street. It offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at wholesale as well as retail. Here the fruits and vegetables are sold at the lowest price and the highest quality in the whole town. You will get much value for your money here rather than in any local store. If you are visiting the Mina port, then you should definitely visit the dates and figs section. Here you will get piles of Middle Eastern dates. There are small shops in the region that offer figs, date syrup and other dried goods. They may give you a sample for you to taste. A thing to note is that the more goods you buy, the cheaper they will be.

Plant Souk
Many of the tourists may not wish to buy anything from the plant souk. But if you want to check out what grows in Abu Dhabi, then you must visit the plant souk. It is the place where the locals buy indoor and outdoor plants as well as pots and soil at wholesale rates. The plant souk is located on the left hand part of the 20th street at the first turning. As season changes, the plants sold here will also change. You can find here citrus plants, cacti, flowers etc. Make sure that while buying plants here, you get the best value for money. Try to buy from the same shop consistently because the price will get cheaper for multiple visits.

Iranian Souk
Iranian souk, located near the plant souk offers a plethora of goods from Iran and nearby countries. The variety of goods here may range from wood to lawn chair to large pots for cooking. You can buy anything under the sun in the Iranian souk. It is a great experience to walk through the narrow corridors of the Iranian souk. You will end up buying something that you never knew you needed at all.

Fish Market
Every day dhows carry fresh fish to the Mina fish market in Abu Dhabi. It is located near the marina. At the fish market you will find stalls selling fishes including Shrimp, Prawns, Crabs, Clams, Tuna, Hammour, Skate, Cuddle fish etc. If you are in the search of a regional fish, then you will find it in the Mina fish market. If you want to buy a fish, you should go in the morning before the noon. There are places in the fish market where your fish will be cleaned. There are also places in the fish market where the fish will be cooked according to your demand. You may sometime loss your way during your stroll through the souks. Thankfully there are pointers at every place to help you. Before taking photos here, always ask permission.

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