Miraj Islamic Centre Abu Dhabi

Miraj Islamic Centre Abu Dhabi

Miraj Islamic Centre is an excellent art centre in Abu Dhabi to watch outstanding and creative Islamic art forms. This popular art centre is under the management of an organization called CIE Group which is dedicated to the rich Islamic heritage, glory and its history. It is among the must-visit attractions in the country especially for people who adore the rich heritage of Emirates.

Miraj Islamic Art Centre is not mere an art centre in the country, but it plays three roles at a time. This mind-blowing centre is a museum, a showroom and exhibits several creative arts from different Islamic regions. The well known art centre takes creative arts of outstanding nature of last 500 years and by using the cutting edge-techniques and design of today, make them more attractive and showcases them here for the visitors. At Miraj Islamic Art Centre, visitors can enjoy abundance of creative art forms of the bygone era. You can watch different types of decorative splendours in silver at the marvellous art centre like water vessels, hukkas, serving plates, tumblers, chandandans, perfume vials and rose water sprinklers.

Apart from all those silverware, visitors will get fascinated by its attractive collection of decorative legs for divans and beds, solid chairs made in silver and swings having silver chains. You will love to watch those swings at the art Miraj Islamic Art Centre which has links sculpted like dainty birds. Visitors can see many items with the basic Islamic art element at this fantastic Islamic art centre. People from across the globe get attracted by the rich culture and heritage of Islamic countries. If you want to enjoy different art forms and various displays of ancient artifacts of Islamic art from countries like India, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Syria and Egypt, then Miraj Islamic Art Centre in Abu Dhabi can be a perfect place for you.

From Calligraphy in Arabic to paintings, marble pieces and vases, you can enjoy many eye-catching pieces from the ancient Islamic world at this art centre. Ancient jewellery in amazing combinations of gems, precious metals and enamels with ‘minakari’ styled finishing dating back to the reign of Emperor Akbar is another attraction of the art gallery. You can see the touch of history in every corner of this art gallery museum. With rich collection of Islamic art work from various parts of the world and a rooftop cafe, people love to visit the museum to enjoy the unique art forms of Islamic community and encourage them to appreciate the priceless Islamic art forms.

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