Murjan Splash Park Abu Dhabi

Murjan Splash Park Abu Dhabi is a reputed entertainment destination for children in the Khalifa Park area in Abu Dhabi with 7 water-based attractions. As you know, the UAE capital is packed with full of exciting activities that attract both children and adults. You can find plenty of ways in Abu Dhabi to entertain your children during weekends and Murjan Splash Park is one of the perfect options for that. With a main feature like the ‘Water Play Structure’, this amazing entertainment park is the right choice for children under the age of 13. If you are a parent having children up to the age of 12, then taking them to this Splash Park can be thrilling for them. The reason is that there are plenty of exciting activities are waiting for them at this fabulous park.

The shallow Water Play Structure is a pool which has four small waterslides as main feature. Aside, it has a crawl tunnel, a big tipping bucket, a water umbrella, water guns, a water wheel, water showers and small tipping buckets. Kids should find this entertainment venue attractive and love to spend their time there. Besides Water Play structure, Murjan Splash Park features a ‘lazy river’ which is 0.6 m deep and 257 m long where children can float on. If your children are among the adventurous category, then you can allow them to try ‘Water Balloon Wars’. The Lili Pad Hop is another exciting activity children can indulge which has 4 trampolines with harnesses. In this attraction, kids can jump and flip on.

‘Surf Wrangler’ is an attraction mainly for children under the age of 11 where they can check their balancing skills. For that, you need to ride a mechanical surfboard. Kids love to drive around the battery-operated ‘Bumper Boat Lagoon’ boats which are small steerable. They will love to bump into each other lightly while playing there. Located near the Falcon Entrance of Kalifa Park, Murjan Splash Park is open on weekdays from 3 to 7 pm and from 10 am to 7pm on weekends. If your children are below 75 cm, then enter the park is absolutely free. However, if they are above 75 cm, then they have to pay AED 40 (US$11) to get entry to the park. In order to enter the Murjan Splash Park Abu Dhabi and play there, parents and guardians of children should follow certain rules. It is important for them to read the sign boards at the park and explain the instructions to their kids. Consider each attraction in the park and encourage children to participate there safely.

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