Prettiest Parks In Abu Dhabi

Prettiest Parks In Abu Dhabi – Family Parks In Abu Dhabi
There are many prettiest parks in Abu Dhabi to preserve the wild beauty and to attract people.

It must be comforting to see a slice of nature in the middle of a busy city. There are many prettiest parks for family in Abu Dhabi to preserve the wild beauty and to attract people. Here is the list of the famous parks in the UAE capital.

Heritage Park Abu Dhabi
Heritage Park is among the prettiest parks in Abu Dhabi with well-maintained lawns and several attractive fountains.

Al Zahiyah Park
You can see many walkers and joggers in this park in the morning. Women find it a suitable place to take classes.

Formal Park
Children love the concrete walls of Formal Park to hurtling around. Perfect for families, the walled garden of this park is attracted with beautiful fountains.

Capital Garden Abu Dhabi
It is one of the largest gardens in the city where you can see plenty of people enjoy jogging and walking or simply sit on a bench. Several sets of swings are there around the park aside a kids’ playground.

Lake Park
Located along the Corniche, this beautiful park has a high fountain of 15m in the middle of it.

Family Park
This park has everything from a theatre, farm and bikes to hire perfect for families to spend some time.

Children’s Park
This walled park in Abu Dhabi is only for women and children where boys above 10 years are not allowed to enter.

Al Khalidiyah Park Abu Dhabi
Joggers love the shaded playground of this park which has many facilities like vending machines, trampolines and games machines.

Al Khubeirah Garden
Runs along the gorgeous Corniche, this shady spot has a several swings and park springy toys for kids.

Public Garden
Lined with palms trees, it is a long and narrow park with 200 meters of bike track.

Al Bateen Beach Park
Aside a patch of grass, this park has a small shaded playground, a few swings, springy park toys, a slide and several benches.

Eastern Mangroves Park
With mangroves, the long stretch of this park is suitable for runners.

Picnic Area
Known as Mussafah Park, this park is perfect for game lovers as it has several facilities to enjoy games.

Public Park
Shady pavilions and well-maintained lawn make it a favourite spot.

Sports City Park
Also famous as Old Airport Garden, there are trees in this park to provide enough shade.

Al Maqtaa Park
This park has basketball hoops and some play area in addition to several benches.

New Airport Park Abu Dhabi
It is perfect to relax under the trees if you are ready to ignore the sound of planes.

East and West Parks
This is another park in Abu Dhabi with four tennis courts and shady lawns.

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