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How to set up a life in Abu Dhabi – An introduction

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life in Abu Dhabi It is the dream of everybody to visit a country like Abu Dhabi and explore its beautiful attractions as a tourist. However, if you come to the country for long term stay for official or work purposes, arriving here can be a tough experience. With a different system and a lot of paper work, it may be daunting to start a new life in this city if you do not know much about that.

If you are planning to set up a life in Abu Dhabi, it is important to have some basic information about where to start your new life, setting up your home, opening bank accounts, arranging phones and other utilities. For people who are planning to stay in Abu Dhabi for a longer period should attend the workshop conducted by Brian Cummins, the founder of the famous Abu Dhabi Paddy.

People can ease the tough process of setting up a life in a city like Abu Dhabi by attending workshops related to that. The workshop by Brian Cummins was held from August 20 to October 1 at the Grand Millennium Al Wahda hotel which provides deep insight about how to set up a new life in the city of Abu Dhabi.

There are many companies, community organizations and sports teams in Abu Dhabi that help to set up a new life in the city and your effort for that a less difficult. Getting some guidance makes your effort easy and reduces the strain. The workshop conducted by Brian Cummins explains everything from how to set up a bank account in the city to how to get a SIM card.

There are several how-to sessions in this kind of seminars which can be helpful for the new residents in the city and get an idea about what the things are required to do to get a smooth life in this great city.

The information provided in the seminar conducted by Brian Cummins is based on his personal experiences in the city and taken from major websites of UAE government. For anybody who is planning to come to Abu Dhabi to set up a life here can visit the website of Abu Dhabi Paddy. The information given in the site is highly useful and accurate. There are many people take advantage of this site.

It is not easy for the new arrivals to set up a life in Abu Dhabi. You must have proper information about procedures and system of the country. However, you will get proper information by attending workshops that explain the ‘how-to’s to set up a life in Abu Dhabi or visit the website of Abu Dhabi Paddy.

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