Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi, Construction Design, Information, A massive but striking structure in Abu Dhabi which connects the Island of Abu Dhabi to the Gulf south shore.

Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi is a massive but striking structure in Abu Dhabi which connects the Island of Abu Dhabi to the Gulf south shore. It is true that you can find the most stunning and creative architectural designs in the UAE capital city of Abu Dhabi. This astonishing infra-structure is among the most complex bridge projects ever constructed in the world. The unique design of the bridge should definitely attract each and every visitor to the country. Designed by Zaha Hadid who is a winner of Pritzker Prize, it is a bridge of around 842 meters long and 64 meters height. The eye-catching Sheikh Zayed Bridge features a grand lighting design with fine colors that stream across the spine of the bridge.

Another notable feature of this marvelous bridge is that the curved arches of this bridge evoke rolling sand dunes. There are several road decks at this bridge that hanging from steel arches of symmetrical shapes forming a form of waves with an outline of fluid. You can see a building boom in United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi is no exception for that. There are several mind-blowing structures like Sheikh Zayed Bridge truly catching the attention of everybody and it can be a way to promote tourism in the country. The world famous architect Zaha Hadid designed this iconic structure to provide a new route to the highly advanced society of Abu Dhabi around the Gulf South shore. The benefit of this outstanding construction is that it connects 3 emirates together which is certainly a great achievement. Visitors love to watch the sinusoidal waveform bridge in the country.

The stunning arch bridge is named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who is the former president and principal architect of Abu Dhabi. With an intricate design and the way its curved arches truly evoke the beautiful undulating sand dunes of the deserts of Emirates can be eye-catching. It can be amazing to watch the subtle colours that move across the spine of the bridge and its unique linking nature. If you watch the Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi, you will feel the energy radiates by this beautiful tourist destination. It is the 3rd traffic way that links the mainland to the Abu Dhabi Island and also a creating a new entrance over the Maqtah channel. For each visitor to the country, this iconic bridge can be a grandeur landmark of the vibrant country. With such outstanding structures, Abu Dhabi can be one of the remarkable countries in the world tourism industry.

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