Things to know before going to Abu Dhabi – Do and Don’t

Abu Dhabi – It’s Customs & Importance as tourist destination

Custom formalities at the UAE are just mere formalities. It should be noted that there are no duties imposed on personal items, because much of the UAE is duty-free anyway. Another important thing to be taken care of is that you should not to carry any inflammatory religious material or items that may loosely be considered pornographic or revealing, like Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Remember UAE is an Islamic country and has strict laws.

Abu Dhabi is an Arab country with a diverse culture and history. Different tribal groups have settled in the prehistoric era bestowed the country with rich culture, heritage and customs. Abu Dhabi is keen to preserve its valuable roots and the rulers have made several policies for this purpose. Abu Dhabi is one of the safest holiday destinations in the world because of its strict and valuable policies for the preservation of its rich culture and heritage.

The country is keen to preserve the local traditions and customs and consider and promote it as the true custodian of the rich Arab and Emirate identity. As a region, it has focus on the culture of the Emirates and takes all measures to help the Abu Dhabi city and compete against all other well known and powerful Emirate centres in the world.

Being an Arab country, you need to understand the customs laws before planning a trip to Abu Dhabi. Strict laws are there to carry or import of certain items into an Arab country like Abu Dhabi and it is wise to get familiarized with them before coming to the country. The country has a zero-tolerance policy for the carrying of drugs. It is important to remember that even carrying tiny amounts of any illegal drugs to the country can be resulted in imprisonment.

If you need to carry any type of restricted drugs to the country for your personal medication especially if it contains any kind of narcotic ingredients, then you must carry the doctor’s prescription along with you during your visit to this UAE capital. It is advisable to contact the nearest consulate or Embassy of UAE if you need to carry drugs or medicine to the country.

A person may take to UAE 2,000 cigarettes; 400 cigars; 2kgs tobacco; 2 litres of spirits and 2 litres of wine (non-Muslims only) and perfume. In the case of alcohol, it can be brought into the country via airports, (except Sharjah) and it is generally not allowed in at overland borders. You have to fill Standard customs declaration forms prior to approaching the Customs counter.