Thursday Ladies night out Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, famous for its vibrant nightlife can be a safe haven for ladies and thus they can have some of the best ladies night out Abu Dhabi. The main reason to organize special ladies nights in some of the famous hotels and bars in Abu Dhabi is to attract crowds. Ladies can enjoy some great time in these bars on Thursdays including free drinks. Some of the best bars in Abu Dhabi that offers great time to ladies on Thursdays include:

Chameleon Abu Dhabi
Chameleon is the latest addition in the bar scenario in Abu Dhabi that offers great ladies’ night on Thursdays. The most attractive feature of this ladies bar is the availability of drinks for ladies. You can enjoy four different mixed drinks throughout the night from 9pm at Chameleon. Each of the drink is exceptionally delicious even if they are quite different from each other. You will simply love the relaxed ambience of Chameleon and its great food. There are enough seats for the visitors to sit. With first class drinks, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful décor, Chameleon can be a great spot in Abu Dhabi for ladies to enjoy a night out in Abu Dhabi.

Stills Abu Dhabi
Located in the heart of Yas Island, Stills is a well known Abu Dhabi indoor and outdoor venue hosts ladies night every Thursday. The outside area of this fabulous bar is more attractive and serves drinks quickly. There is a separate bar for serving drinks to ladies on Thursday nights. You can enjoy free drinks of premium blends at Stills on Thursdays. The fun and friendly atmosphere is truly an attractive feature of this Abu Dhabi bar. The Stills is busy attractively on ladies’ nights and you will truly admire the positive atmosphere of the venue.

Sea Lounge Abu Dhabi
The Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Sea Lounge is a popular venue in Abu Dhabi. It hosts the popular Thursday ladies night in the country outside of Yas and the real party starts at this bar in the middle of the evening. The drinks served to ladies are awesome and ladies can enjoy unlimited free drinks all night. Being one of the trendiest venues in Abu Dhabi, you will love to be seen in the party scene at Sea Lounge on Thursdays. The male /female ratio is equal in this bar and the cool crowd is really attractive. The super-stylish outdoor seating overlooking the beach is another attraction of Sea Lounge. Get inside of this bar to enjoy the best party atmosphere.

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