UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship – Abu dhabi

UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship is an exciting sports event that is to be held at Breakwater Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi can boast of a deep rooted maritime history. This event is held as a tribute to the ancient ancestors of UAE and to bring before the world the rich heritage that Abu Dhabi upholds in the field of Water sports. UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship will display before the world the water sports that are directly related to the soul of UAE. UAE is really proud of its rich maritime heritage. It can be seen in the organization of this event.

The UAE Wooden Powerboat championship is held in four rounds around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is organized under the guidance of the UAE Marine Sports Federation in association with the World Professional Powerboat Association (WPPA), Dubai International Marine Club and Abu Dhabi International Marine Sailing Club. As closely living in connection with the sea, water sports are one of the great passions of the people of Abu Dhabi. Hence power boating enjoys a pivotal position as the most talked about and most popular water sports event of the people who preserve a rich maritime history. The climate and the natural environment of Abu Dhabi are extremely apt to try hands on power boating.

The wooden powerboats are called as ‘Al Shawaheef’ in the local language. One or maximum two people usually drive the wooden powerboats. The UAE Wooden powerboats championship has now 20 boats that are competing with each other. All the participants are coming from Gulf GCC. The championship has gained great popularity in the Middle East. The last UAE wooden powerboat championship that was held in April last year was won by Extreme marine. The wooden powerboats are of 28 ft. in length. It is made of wood. Modern materials such as fiberglass are not used in the making of wooden powerboats. The shape of the wooden powerboat is streamlined that caters to its increased speed in racing. Wooden powerboats can claim of a very long history. The great ancestors of Abu Dhabi used the wooden powerboats for racing from time immemorial

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