Wednesday Ladies Night Out In Abu Dhabi

Best Bars That Offers Special Wednesday Ladies Night Out In Abu Dhabi. The ultimate guide to ladies’ nights out in Abu Dhabi

There are many hotels and bars that make efforts to provide special ladies night out in Abu Dhabi. So, there is no need to worry being a woman, you too can have all the fun like men. From free entry to free cocktails, from free appetizers to safe rides back to your home, there are many meanings to ladies night out. Choose any of these bars and enjoy unlimited offers on Wednesdays while you are in Abu Dhabi.

Cooper’s Abu Dhabi
You can enjoy free drinks at Cooper’s from 8pm on Wednesdays till midnight. Ladies can enjoy all the blended drinks at this busy bar free of cost besides mixed drinks, grape and bubbles. If variety is your choice, then you will not find any better place in Abu Dhabi for ladies than Cooper’s. This is a bar famous for its big crowds and great music and it is easy for you to meet people whom you know here.

Ornina Abu Dhabi
The well known Barcelona firm, Ornina is popular for its Wednesday ladies night out same as its popularity in the Abu Dhabi bar scenario. If you prefer a drink in the early evening or want a quiet dinner, Ornina is a great destination because of its pleasant views and relaxed ambience. Since there is no smoking indoors, many non-smokers prefer this bar for a night out.

Stars ‘N’ Bars Abu Dhabi
Stars ’N’ Bars is an American diner-cum-bar provides outstanding ambience for ladies for a great night out. Being the best prototypical sports bar in the country, it is the perfect venue for the sports lovers. You can enjoy 5 drinks for Dhs5 on Wednesdays with blends and mixed drinks. With excellent service in American style and chart music throughout the night, it is a good venue for ladies for a Wednesday night out.

Iris Abu Dhabi
The indoor and outdoor bar, Iris at Yas Marina is a great venue to spend for ladies to enjoy a great night out. A live band is truly an attraction of this bar that plays eclectic mix of different types of music on the terrace. Superb drinks are another attraction of this great Abu Dhabi bar.

Left Bank Abu Dhabi
The commercial music at this bar certainly takes you to the dance floor throughout the night. Buy a card for entry for Dhs5 and entitled to get five mixed drinks.

Yacht Club Abu Dhabi
It is one of the most preferred bar in the ladies’ night out scenario in Abu Dhabi despite its limited selection of free drinks. The buzzing ambience and well attended night make your Wednesday night out more promising.

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