Wildlife in Abu Dhabi

Watching Wildlife In Abu Dhabi

If you are a animal lover then watching wildlife in Abu Dhabi can be a good option.Domesticated animals found in abu Dhabi arabian wildlife park. There is no need to visit Africa or any other country to enjoy the wildlife, but your children will get some thrilling time if you visit some of the popular destinations in Abu Dhabi. Some of the best locations to enjoy wildlife are:

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre
It is worth visiting the Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre if you would like to enjoy wildlife during your visit to Abu Dhabi. Being a famous rehabilitation centre for animals in the country, this animal farm is protecting many endangered species.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is a breeding, education and research center which specializes in treating falcons. Established in the year 1999 by the Environment Agency, this animal hospital treats thousands of falcons every year. In fact, this hospital treats not only falcons but all types of bird species.

Dolphin Bay Eco Tour
If you are looking to spend your holidays in a unique way, then a three hour Eco tour at Dolphin Bay can be a good recommendation. Here you will get an idea about the local flora and fauna from the marine biologists. The mangrove forests of Abu Dhabi are home to variety of organisms and you can spot dolphins in the shallow waters in the area in addition to other organisms.

Al Ain Zoo Abu Dhabi
Get a pair of night goggles and visit the famous Al Ain Zoo to watch nocturnal animals. You will get some wonderful opportunities to see some African and Asian nocturnal animals here during night and it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Arabian Wildlife Park
If you love to enjoy wildlife during your visit to Abu Dhabi, then the best destination can be Arabian Wildlife Park. This 4,100-hectare wildlife park is home to approximately 15,000 animals including some endangered species like Arabian Oryx, sheep, hares and gazelles.

Emirates Park Zoo Abu Dhabi
If you want to watch some unique wildlife like Siberian tigers or black tip sharks of Indonesia, then head to the well known Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi. The white tigers in this zoo are worth watching as there are only a few hundred species left in the world.

Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club
If you are interested in racecourses then the best place to hang around can be the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club where you can also have riding lessons. With 90 horses and three air-conditioned barns, you can enjoy free shows here during weekends.

UAE Birding
This local group of bird watching hosts tours throughout the country and you can watch some species like swans, geese, partridges and ruddy shelduck.

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