Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit is the place toget racing lessons from Yas Racing School, Yas Drag Racing Center and Yas KartZone

Do you want to experience the life at its best with your friends and family? Then simply visit the Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi. It is the best place to enjoy your life through entertainment and adventure. Being a unique place in the country, it offers a lot of attractions and activities for its visitors. Yas Marina Circuit is the place that inspired by the rich culture and heritage of the UAE and its capital, Abu Dhabi. Yas Marina Circuit is world famous for many reasons. Being one of the most advanced Grand Prix venues in the world, this fabulous location already possess a significant place in the world tourist scenario. It is a fantastic destination with a wide array of choices. Yas Marina Circuit can offer something for people of every taste.

Yas Marina circuit offers a lot from luxury hotels to amazing attractions and thrilling racing events. This astonishing destination is a unique blend of timeless tradition, exceptional advancement and peerless luxury. Being one of the innovative and exciting race circuits in the world, it is a favourite venue of many Formula One enthusiasts throughout the world. It is popular in terms of technology as well as a perfect training venue for motor racing in the UAE. As a well known motorsport venue, Yas Marina Circuit offers many innovative facilities for seminars, groups meetings, promotional events and many other occasions. Opened in the year 2009 in harmonize with the Formula One, this place is much more than mere a venue for motorsport. One of the notable features of Yas Marina Circuit is that it is the only venue for motor racing in the world that covers the grand stands. As a visitor, you will be able to drive a car around the venue for the choice to get packages for driving. Besides, it can be a fine opportunity to get racing lessons from Yas Racing School, Yas Drag Racing Center and Yas KartZone.

You can see the influence of Yas Marina Circuit for the advancement of sports tradition in the United Arab Emirates and has the aim to be the focal point of the motorsports arena throughout the Middle East. With outstanding style and design, this circuit in Abu Dhabi has the facilities to conduct races on any of its designs. Whether you are a visitor or a driver, Yas Marina Circuit offers unforgettable experience for you. Being one of the hottest and best racing venues in the world, it must be a wonderful experience to catch a race at the scenic Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi.

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